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Newsletter From the 19th of April of 2018.
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You can comfortably sit at your desk or stand at your desk,
and it only takes a push of a button.

Our new ergonomic desk stand enables you to have an adjustable desk according to your preference, and it requires no extra effort from you. Here are its main features:

  1. The desk can vary between a height of 63cm and 125 cm.
  2. It adjusts its height with an electrical motor (so it requires no actual work from you).
  3. You can save up to 3 default heights (so your desk is just like you want it every time).
  4. You can set reminders to get up from your desk and move about.
  5. Its anti-collision sensors keep it from hitting things underneath it and pulling on wires that are too short.
  6. It can support tops between 120cm and 200cm wide, 70cm to 90cm deep, and carry up to 100kg in weight.

Read more in detail here or visit our website for product information

Newsletter From the 29th of March of 2018.
Newsletter From the 22nd of March of 2018.