MediaRange CD-R Disk
700MB / 80min - 52x speed (Spindle of 25)

MediaRange CD-R Disk

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With the high quality MediaRange CD-R 52X you obtain the proven quality of a 700 MB / 80 min disc and an additionally optimized recording speed. These CD-Rs are especially scratch and light resistant.
  • 700MB
  • 52x
  • MediaRange CD-R 52x 80min media is designed for the optimum storage of data within the shortest timespan
  • Save up to 700 MB in just 2 minutes.
  • Media is one-time writable
  • Wide compatibility with burners and software
  • High speed recording
  • Extremely long archive length
  • Principal uses
    - Ideal for the exchange of data
    - Ideal for compilation of audio CDs
    - Ideal for compilation of MP3 audio CDs
    - Ideal for storage and exchange of photo and film data
    - Ideal for archiving and backup of important data