Maxell Printable DVD-R Disk
4.7GB - 16x speed (Spindle of 50)

Maxell Printable DVD-R Disk

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DVD-R is a write-once format, suitable for recording with DVD-R video recorder or DVD-R drive for PC. Features a Wide Surface so users can print photos or designs on to the surface.. Single Sided. Suitable for printing in Inkjet Printers. Compatible for playback with most DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives. DVD-R compatible for up to 16x speed. Storage capacity of 4.7GB. Recording time up to 120 minutes in standard mode. Available in 10 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack and 100 pack spindles. Also available in Jewel Case
  • Recording Capacity: 4.7GB
  • Recording Speed: 1x - 2x recording speed and 2x - 6x recording speed
  • Disc Diameter: 12cm
  • Recording Time: 120 mins