DIGITUS DA-90321 Dual Monitor Stand
Desk Mounted Bracket Monitor Holder Stand for 24" to 32" LCD Screen

DIGITUS DA-90321 Dual Monitor Stand
DIGITUS DA-90321 Dual Monitor Stand
DIGITUS DA-90321 Dual Monitor Stand

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DIGITUS Dual LCD Desktop Monitor Stand with Desk Mount
Expand your Field of View in productivity, gaming and entertainment

Increase your daily productivity and simplify multitasking with a significantly expanded visual work area. Set the time-consuming switching between applications, the alignment of multiple windows and the constant clicking and scrolling to an end. Expand your field of view during your productivity and enjoy your entertainment or gaming and discover a new way of computing with panoramic view.

Tilt, swivel, rotate, or adjust the height, all this is no problem anymore! The stand can be easily attached at the end of the desk by a space-saving clamp. Use the cable management system to avoid the clutter of cables. You will experience a new panoramic view.

  • Material: Steel / Aluminium Alloy
  • Supports flat panel size: 24" to 32"
  • Tilt for each hinge: +/- 15o
  • Swivel for each hinge: +/- 20o
  • Rotate for each hinge: 90o
  • Desk Mount, for easy installation
  • Cable Management included in the stand
  • Screw Type: M4,M6
  • weight: 5.7 Kg
  • Support max. weight for each hinge: 15Kg
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 924 x 570 x 144 mm