DIGITUS Waterproof Protectable Suit for tablet
248mm x 320mm - PVC (Blue)

DIGITUS Waterproof Protectable Suit for tablet

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DIGITUS Protectable Suit T
Your perfect Tablet-PC suit!

DIGITUS Protectable Suit for Tablets, waterproof bag with 3 zip, velcro fastener Material PVC, blue

Do you want to protect your Tablet-PC against dirt, water splashes and everything else? Then we have the ultimate solution: The DIGITUS Protectable Suit for every Tablet-PC! With the DIGITUS Protectable Suit you can safely use your Tablet-PC to any place and at any time, whether on grimy or rainy places. Thanks to the three times Ziplocks and one large Velcro fastener the water supply and generally outside influences are stopped and protects your tablet from water splashes, dirt and the like. Thanks to the solid plastic, you can also use your Tablet-PC easily and with full handling. The included and adjustable lanyard ensure that you will not lose your Tablet-PC bag.
  • Waterproof bag for Tablets
  • Full handling
  • Three times Ziplock for the best protection
  • With an adjustable lanyard
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Blue