2m Display Port Cable
20pin Plug to 20pin Plug Display Port cable (Black)

2m Display Port Cable
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DIGITUS DisplayPort connection cable
Is ideal for CAD/CAM, GIS, 3D modeling, real time simulation, and more.

This high performance HD digital audio and video cable for example is used to connect a PC or notebook with DisplayPort interface to a monitor with DisplayPort interface.
  • Connector 1: DP, plug
  • Connector 2: DP, plug
  • DisplayPort standard: DisplayPort 1.2
  • UL certified: UL20276
  • Hoods: molded
  • Shielding: double shielding
  • AWG: 28
  • Wire material: CU
  • Connector surface: nickel-plated
  • Interlock: Snap fastener
  • Ferrite filter: none
  • Colour cable: black
  • Colour connector: black
  • Length: 2m