Digitus RS-232 Optoisolator
Galvanic separator for Serial interfaces (Black)

Digitus RS-232 Optoisolator
Digitus RS-232 Optoisolator
Digitus RS-232 Optoisolator
Digitus RS-232 Optoisolator

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DIGITUS Galvanic separator for Serial interfaces
Full galvanic separation for RS-232 interfaces

With the adoption of advanced photoelectric isolation technology, the Digitus Photoelectric Isolator, also named Serial Isolator, can offer best protection for RS-232 serial interface devices with elimination of damages possibly caused up by grounding loop voltage, surge, lighting induction, hot plug, etc.

Normally, RS-232 damages are hardware damages of communication devices, for which more than 90% of the reasons are bad circumstances including non-grounding at both ends of the devices, several surges, lighting induction, static interference, hot plug, electromagnetic interference, etc. For example, if device A is connected to device B with RS-232 interface, when there is a voltage margin of above 50V between their grounding wires, the communication will gets unstable. RS-232 Serial Interface Photoelectric Isolator can tolerate a peak voltage margin of transient 2,500 Vrms for 500VDC on a continuous base, and at the same time, it is able to absorb static and electromagnetic interference for protection of RS-232 devices.

As the electric and grounding loop between the two ends of RS-232 devices are completely blocked by the advanced isolation technology adopted by us, therefore, the electric signal from one end has been turned into optical signal for transmission to the other end, and the optical received by the other end will be converted back into electric signal again. In this way, the communication devices are well protected from the interference and damages possibly caused by power grounding loop or surge, therefore, obvious improvement of the reliability and stability of the communication system are achieved.

Our products are now being widely used in the applications of point-to-point RS-232 communication system, UNIX multi-user system, monitor control system, program control exchanger charging terminal, satellite receiver, ATM, for the industries of electricity, insurance, telecommunications, railway, post office, financial, banking, securities, program controlling, etc.

  • Conforming to EIA RS-232 and CCITT V2.4
  • DB9 connectors for both sides
  • Isolate voltage: 2500 V peak or 500 VDC rms
  • Transmission mode: asynchronous, full duplex, full transparent
  • Transmission rate: 300 - 115200 bps
  • Dimensions: 17 x 33 x 63 mm
  • Weight: 30g


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